Monday, August 18, 2008

Old friends

I went to a small Catholic grade school from K-8th grade. For the most part it was the same group of kids all nine years. Oh sure there were additions and some subtractions but for the most part it was the same group. I had the same best friend all nine years and we are still great friends. We met the second day of school when she tried to kill me with a pair of blunt scissors. I, in my understated way, fell to the ground clutching my chest moaning that I was dying and for the love of G-d call the pope or my mom. She leaned down and said "Hi, I am dinky nose (childhood nickname) you want to play?" I stood up, fixed my skirt ( the duchess ALWAYS wore a skirt or dress to school) and we were off. Each year we started off sitting in the same row ( her last name started with a "F" and mine a "G") by the end of the first week we were on opposite ends of the classroom. In the first seat of the row since we both wore glasses but we were a legend by the 5th grade. Teachers would warn each other about the fact that we were best friends and talkative and trouble never seemed to have a hard time finding us. Nothing major, our records did not have to be sealed but well she liked to watch MacGuyver (nope can't spell) and she thought that we could make a bomb with common household supplies. I, on the other hand, read mysteries and I may have thought we had Nazi spies at school or maybe a nun was an alien. You know harmless stuff. Anyway all of the girls in our grade hung out together. There were countless sleep overs, four of us went to summer camp one year and many a Friday night was spent at the movies or the roller rink. Why yes I am old enough to remember actual roller skates:-) In seventh grade one of the girls moved away. Now to 7th graders 15 minutes by car might as well be light years away since none of us could drive. Well Dinky thought she could but legally we couldn't so we didn't:-) We lost touch with her during high school.

Dinky and I went to the same high school and we kind of drifted apart. We were still friends but not best friends. Actually quite of few of the grade school friends went to the same high school but different interests drew us to different crowds and clubs. But old friendships never die. We reconnected in college. Separate colleges but still we talked or sent letters while I was away for that year. She got married and I was there. She got divorced and I was there. I dated really odd people and she was there. I got married and she was there dancing away at the reception and I hugged her tight when she came to see me before I walked down that aisle. Another old friend was there at the Church. Joey was the one that was always ready early at camp because she didn't want to miss breakfast. Dinky and I could care less and we just wanted to sleep.

I just had dinner with Dinky, Joey and Ann. Ann is the one who moved in 7th grade. She is just one of the sweetest people I know. Two of us are married, two divorced, one has kids (adorable boys), one doesn't want kids, one desperately does, one does but isn't sure if that is in the cards. Sitting there the years since grade school (graduated 8th grade in 87) just melted away. It was night filled with laughter and sharing stories. Lots of wine was drunk and spilled (some things never change) and good food was shared and it was an awesome night.

Old friends are the best.

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