Friday, August 15, 2008

A "typical" phone conversation between The Man and the Duchess

Duchess: Hey baby on the way home from work can you stop by Home Depot?

The Man: Sure what do you need?

Duchess: Some lawn bags, new gloves the ones I have now aren't very good at keeping the picklers from not pickling me and a hatchet.

The Man: Ok lawn bags, gloves and what?

Duchess: A hatchet. A small one if you can find one.

The Man: A hatchet? Why a hatchet?

Duchess: We need one for a weed that thinks its a tree.

The Man: I see. Why don't I take a look before buying a hatchet.

Duchess: Whatever, we still need a hatchet.

The Man: Babe hatchets kill people.

For some reason The Man does not trust me with power tools or anything heavy and sharp. Hmmm wonder why?


Da Man said...

Not quite what I said, but close. I would have had to be the one to drag her to the hospital when she sunk that hatchet into her leg. That's not one of my favorite things to do.

Ohio Mama said...

Boy, I sure am enjoying this conversation from my seat in Toledo.!!