Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We went to oHIo this weekend for The Man's best friends Halloween party....did you follow that?? Anyhoo it was a great party. It was a lot smaller than previous years but it was a good mix of people.

Work is getting better. I turned in four reports today. GO DUCHESS!! Tomorrow I have to go on a home visit. ARGH!

The Man is on a business trip, he left this morning and he will be back tomorrow night. I miss him. Sad I know but I hate sleeping alone now.

So I am definitely going to get a new work bag from VB if they still have it in stock. VB is retiring my favorite pattern Pink Elephants and I want the Bowler bag and the top zip tote. So that is my mission for this weekend.

I won a "Play it Forward" from BFF's. If I was cool enough I could link it but we all know I am lacking in the cool bloggy arena but she is on my blog roll.....LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT LOVELY READERS----->
I LOVE my CD and thank you very very much:-D
So to keep this going on and on I will send the third person to leave a comment a little something-something. You do have to have a blog to win because you will have to do this on your blog:-)

If I find that I only have one blog reader then that person will win it.


Mrs. Newlywed said...

Pink elephants is my favorite pattern right now as well! I have a few pieces in 3 or 4 patterns, but elephants are my favorite animal...and pink is my fave color!

I just bought some stuff off of the website.

Rachel Ann said...

Um...don't count this comment since I sent you the gift! :) Anyway, I love the pink elephants pattern (I have way.too.much. Vera Bradley--80 or so pieces) and I'm glad you enjoyed my (very) random cd.

Maggie said...

You've been tagged for an award! http://maggiewalks.blogspot.com/2008/11/ive-been-tagged-for-award.html