Sunday, November 02, 2008


Business first people: I have decided to send TWO (ok only two commented but pretend that actual bloggers read my blog, please??) very special bloggers my PAY IT FORWARD something-something:-)

If I was all that and a bag of chips I would be able to link to them but we all know I lack such coolness so look to your right and down ladies------->

You will receive a little gift in the mail hopefully by this weekend:-) Just remember to do a PAY IT FORWARD on your blog.

Umm yeah so Maggie, who by the way is a real-life friend of K-Pooh, awarded me my first award and now I have to think of 6 more random things about me!

Here I go:

1. I twirl my hair around my finger and rub it when I am nervous or taking a test. So during finals? My right side of my head has a definite wave and the left side is flatter than flat since I am left handed.

2. I could possibly win if there is ever a TV show called "So you think you can dance and sing in your car". That is the only time I will sing since I can't carry a tune or dance if my life depended on it.

3. I always think of K-Pooh when Coolio's "Gangsta Paradise" comes on. Why? Because one day when we were going back to school from lunch it came on so we drove around the school which is located in the whitest non gangsta place in our county singing at the top of our lungs. Yep one really white chick and one Latina in a white pickup singing about not knowing if we were "gonna make it to 22"

4. I used to be really liberal before I became a social worker and a really practicing Catholic. I was quite the C and E Catholic before 9-11 then I started to actually practice so there you go. Also I work with the people who we are supposedly helping with these programs and ya know what? We are teaching generations that nope don't have to take responsibility for your actions because its the governments fault you are a druggie who despite being given job training, financial assistance for rent and free food for your children and free rehab you still spent it on drugs and lost everything AGAIN.

5.If you are Catholic you know what I mean: During the Prayers of the Faithful there is always the opportunity to pray for your personal intention and I never have enough time to get all my prayers in. So I miss the next intention and then feel guilty for not knowing what was said.

6. I can't watch movies where animals get hurt or children. Adults? No problem but I even worry about the child actors emotional well being if they appear in a horror movie. In Gladiators there is a dog in the first scene of the movie and you never see him again. I still wonder where he went and did he survive the battle.

I tag everyone on my blog roll because, once again, I can't link:-)

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Anonymous said...

See now, when commenting on a blog this old and nothing since Jan. 2014 I might suppose you've gone inactive, been run over by a bus or remarried and now to embarrassed to let us know. I'm a spontaneous sort of fellow and I usually don't read anything outside the current year, but your writing is good and thought I'd let you know I'm like you when it comes to movies that hurt kids. Can't do it, won't watch. Anyway, if you're still out there somewhere, you've some catching up to do. -Jerry