Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Someone hand me a soapbox please.

Ok here I go.
VOTE PEOPLE!! I realize this is a bit late but do you realize what how huge the right to vote is? The majority of my readers are women, excluding the Ohio Boys and my father in law who doesn't actually read it but listens to mother in law read it to him sometimes, and in some nasty parts of this world we do not have the right to vote.
In some parts of the world:
We are considered property
Its against the law to educate a woman
Its against the law to show your face in public
We can't hold jobs
We are given up for adoption because its better to have sons
We are not "allowed"" to have an opinion that differs from our husbands.

I am a minority
I am a woman
I have a college degree
I have opinions different from my husband
I practice my faith freely
On my way to Church I pass many churches of different faiths and we are all allowed to believe as we see fit.
I have friends that are male, female. Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, White, Black and Hispanic
I married the man that I love with all of my heart and who my parents adore. If they didn't, I would have still married him because I can make my own choices.
I take these blessings as a right because I am American.

So yes this country is not perfect. We have our problems. But at the end of the day where else would you rather live?

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