Friday, October 10, 2008

Just wondering..

Do you know where your degree is?
I need mine for Monday and I can't find it.
So here is the plan: I need one of my lovely readers to mail me their degree. Yep any of you lovely ladies who graduated with a BS in Psychology over night your degree to me and I will tape over your name, slap on my name and show it to the HR people on Monday. You will it back by Wednesday. Pinkie swear:-)

Thanks and kisses


ms. mindless said...

so weird. why would anyone actually need your degree? i've only had to turn in notarized transcripts. i have NO CLUE where my degree is. probably in my parents' basement. good luck finding it!

Anonymous said...

I'll make one up for you using crayons and construction paper!!!

Love, K-Pooh (creator of good looking diplomas)