Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Job and things I am bitter about

I started last Monday and I must say its odd working at a really small agency. I am working on getting my desk all set up and case book organized. I finally got my direct number and my email is all set up. I had my first home visit today and K-pooh and I had a blast trying to find the apartment building in a shady part of town. I was talking to her on the phone the entire time I was driving and cursing the Map**** chuckle heads for not realizing that streets in Detroit are one way and they change names depending on what side of the street you are on.

Things I am bitter about:
1. I still can not find my flipping degree WHERE IS IT??? I even went through boxes at my Mommakins apartment and its not there
2. Ok long story a couple of years ago Scrapbook Girl either went to a Tooperware party or had one or something and I couldn't go so she called me and told me that those cereal container things were buy one get one free. I asked her to get me two and she did. They have red tops and they would go beautifully in my red kitchen. So now that I have a house and a need for them I can't find them.
3. Asthma is kicking
4. I am working but I won't get paid for another week BOOOO

Ya know the way my life is going my degree is probably in one of the cereal containers:-P


Anonymous said...

You love getting lost in the hood and you know it! Just to give me a heart attack :-)
love you!

Anonymous said...

You need a GPS! They are great for navigating downtown. Have the man get you one for X-mas.
the other ohio boy

ms. mindless said...

glad you are back to blogging!