Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Girl on the Block

I really don't like being the new girl on the block. I just hate feeling like I have to be "on" every second of the day and the constant feeling of having to prove myself is a bit tiring. At my previous job I knew where everything was and which form to use and how my supervisor wanted something done. Here I know nothing. I am not privy to the little inside jokes and everyone seems more serious than at my previous job. I have been talking to another adoption worker, there are 3 in my department counting me, and the chick across from me but eh I don't have a JT here or a Ruthie or a BlondieDee or a Nicole Marie and I miss them. The other adoption worker is nice but she sits across the office and I haven't figured out our phone system so its a chore to look up her extension and by the time I find it the joke is gone. I always thing of writing it down after the fact because I am a quick but a second too later thinker:-)

I know that its a settling in period and soon I will be one of the gang but until then I miss my old agency:-( I keep telling myself that it takes time and just to relax but Oy.

Also? The old agency had a Target a building away. This agency has homeless people and shady fools on the corner:-(

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Hollie said...

Love Target also!
Give it time, things will surely get better.
Hang in there, the 'proving yourself' period stinks but doesn't last long. You can do it!