Friday, February 27, 2009


We all know that I went to a Catholic grade school and high school and Lent was a big thing that was discussed in almost every class. Really.
Religion class= well obviously
History class= historical facts about buying trends in large Catholic towns during Lent
Science class= I know it was covered heck if I can remember how
English class= An essay on why you gave up what you did

Anyhoo I had a religion teacher in 6th grade who was hell on wheels. She also taught history and until 6th grade I loved both of those classes. I also loved them after 6th grade. During 6th grade? Umm not so much. I seriously think that woman was the poster child for critics of the Church. She was so militant in her faith that she scared the tar right out of us. She gave up EVERYTHING for Lent. Soda, candy, laughing (not that she was a load of fun on a good day), TV, etc.. If she saw you drink something other than water she gave you such a look of disgust and if she saw you laughing with your friends at recess (which she felt was a sin during Lent and she wouldn't take out her homeroom class so the 7th grade teacher would have two classes)she would launch into a lecture about how if we were good Catholics we would not be LAUGHING during Lent. During Lent she was a miserable person and Religion class was one long sermon complete with her red face and us thinking that God wants us to be miserable for at least 40 days and dear God why wasn't I born into a Jewish family??? She lasted one looooooong year and then she left to teach at a prison or something. Actually I had her again in high school and that just sucked too but at least I didn't cry in class. In all fairness she was really smart and in history class she had a lot of fun and interesting facts to share and if she just forgot that she was angry and bitter she was borderline human.

So to my point? I have hated Lent from 6th grade to oh about just recently. I love my faith and I love Advent, Christmas, Triduum, Easter and Ordinary time but Lent? Lets just skip it shall we? Over the past couple of years I have made an effort to really listen to the readings during Mass and trying to get rid of the distaste that I have had regarding this season since I was 12 years old. So this year I am really trying to do my daily reading and praying and take seriously what I decided to do for Lent. I didn't give up anything because I really don't think that God cares if I eat pizza or drink my Diet Coke/Pepsi.

I decided to work on being patient with my mother.

Which may have me wondering why I wasn't born into a Jewish family by day 25 but at least I am trying:-)


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