Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yeah so ummm HI there!

My life is a mess so what do I do? I BLOG about it of course:-)
So yeah The Man and I are making plans and circling the wagon. I think we will be ok for a year and then? Well let's hope there is not a "then" mmmkay?
I am so lucky to have the posse that I have to send me jokes and purses and make silly comments about my status on FB ( the new yuppy crack).

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and she made the comment that I will have to tighten the shoelaces a bit now and I replied "yeah since The Man and I have such an extravagant life?? She replied well you always talk about the new sweaters you bought and I just cut her off right there. I was not in the mood to hear how my ability to find sweaters on clearance (ten bucks peeps) will be the end of our financial lives. Yes I know the Target trips will have to become a monthly or every other month thing now and I will not be checking out TJMax whenever I am around that part of Livonia but really did you find it necessary to point that out to me on the day my husband lost his job??? Really you think I am that slow that I was not aware of that small fact?!?! Yes I realize I might just be a bit sensitive right now and the emotions were right on top yesterday but all I wanted was some support and I felt that she chose to rub salt in the wound.


So K-pooh is working on winning the lottery and then all of our problems will be solved. I think she may even buy a ticket this week as the first step of her grand plan. I will keep you all posted on our stimulus plan:-)



ms. mindless said...

how obnoxious. sometimes people just need to have more tact and common courtesy.

Anonymous said...

You also know my back up plan, which involves the drug trade in Honduras......I'll keep you posted on what Guido (our new career counselor) can come up with!