Monday, April 06, 2009

Can we talk?

Today at work I was emailing my friends to express my utter disgust with this snow nonsense when one of them told me to call him because we had to talk. Oddly when I read the email I got a sick feeling in my stomach. The email just looked bad which is silly since it didn't look any different from the other emails I had received today.
I called him and he told me that one of my "friends" husband had to tried to commit suicide last Thursday. He took a cocktail of over the counter and prescription medication with a cough medicine chaser (a couple of bottles). He was in a medically induced coma and they were going to try to bring him out in a couple of days. They don't know what type of damage he had done but they were fearing his liver and kidney functioning may be permanently harmed and they have no idea what type of brain damage they are looking at until he wakes up.

I put friend in quotes for a reason. I have not spoken to his wife in close to two years. Before the wedding I dragged Oatmeally to their house to hear a presentation. The presentation turned out to be an A*WAY join our cult dealio. Now I joke that Blondie and Scrapbook Girl belong to the scrapbooking cult but I truly believe that A*WAY is a real cult. Anyhoo I listened to the information and then I talked to The Man about it and he raised some good points and we decided not to join even to the point that we didn't shop in her store. This angered the wife and she wanted to know why The Man was CONTROLLING me and it would only get worse when we got married. Now to join it would have been a chunk of change and we were saving for the wedding and we didn't need anymore surprises concerning our wedding budget. So the phone calls started being further and further apart to the point that when it came time to do the wedding list she and her husband were not on it.

I felt odd calling her today but I did because this type of event is bigger than a silly argument. I left a message and I will try again a few days. It is completely up to her to call but I just wanted to let her know if she needs me I am still here for her. I don't think I will go to the hospital because well given the circumstances and where our friendship is I feel that me showing up may cause more damage than do any good.

Anyway if you are praying tonight feel free to throw out a prayer for him. I have no idea what drove him to the point that he thought ending his life was a good option but he does have a wife that loves him more than anything.


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ms. mindless said...

hey there, just saying hello! hope you are doing well!