Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anyone still reading this??

So life has been busy lately. The Man is still looking for a job and my job is kicking it up a notch. My cases are all moving and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I now have a competing party adoption with a completely lovely FP and a completely unsuitable grandmother. The grandmother was in the home when the abuse occurred and she keeps referring to the abuse as "stress" "an incident" and "not a big deal". This State refers to the abuse as "a felony" and his rights were terminated. His daughter found a pretty Easter dress that she didn't buy because she didn't want anyone to see her scars. An 8 year old has body issues because of her scars....lovely.

I have a referee who thinks that she controls the world as we know it and she is ordering the near impossible of all the workers that appear in her courtroom. The AG told me that they all draw straws when the referee assignment comes up.

Today I got lost on my way back to the office from a visit. I ended up going into a shady neighborhood and when I got to a stop sign I paused a bit longer to try to get my bearings. As I was trying to figure out how to get back to work I turned my head and saw a man coming toward my car in a dead run. I completely panicked and hit the gas. I think I may have taken the turn on two wheels:-) I called The Man completely shaken and he talked to me as I actually found my way to work.

I am going to start to carry a little notebook around because I get great blogging ideas during the day and then they go away when I can actually post:-(

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