Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Update

Sorry, sorry! I have been reading all of my blogs but I have been so tired lately I haven't had the energy to update my own blog.

The Man is still looking for a job however K-Pooh just gave him a lead so we, of course, jumped on it. Please cross your fingers, toes and send up some serious prayers please. I do appreciate it and so does The Man.

I just got Consent on a competing party adoption and it made my day! The state worker assigned to the case was putting up numerous road blocks because she wanted the foster parent of the siblings to adopt the baby even though the older siblings are all sexually acting out on each other and the two younger brothers refuse to speak to the older brother because he scares them. The oldest sibling is 12 and the youngest is 2. Yeah good idea to place a non mobile baby with significant developmental delays in that home. OY!

The Mommakins retired on July 1. Her health is absolute rubbish and I terrified when she doesn't answer a text within an hour of me sending it. I am constantly in contact with her doctors to arrange the appointments and tests and what have you. The Man is the one that has to take her to the majority of her appointments since he is not working yet so at least that is helpful. It will be a struggle to schedule her appointments when he does get a job because he won't be able to take any time off but we will manage something when that time comes. She can at least take her short bus to two of her doctors. She hates it but if she can get there I can pick her up after work.

So two weeks ago I met The Man and Mommakins at the doctor. I placed my planner, also known as MY LIFE thank you very much, in the pocket of the wheelchair. That is where I left the darn thing! I didn't even realize it until Oatmeally called me on Saturday asking me a question. I panicked!!! I called the hospital and there was nothing in the lost and found and the medical building was closed until 7:00 am Monday morning. Me and my chubby bum was at the medical building at 7:03 on Monday morning. It wasn't in the medical building so I walked over to the hospital and as I approached the information desk a beam of sunshine hit my beautiful planner. It was a glorious sight and as I reached the desk a choir of angels started to sing!!! It was kind of funny because I have my business card and my name plastered all over the planner and no one thought to open it and call one of my numerous numbers. Maybe they would have if I hadn't claimed it so fast. Anyhoo my baby is back where she belongs and I know where I am supposed to be:-)

Did I ever tell you that my planner is color coded? It is and I am not ashamed to admit it!! I would take a picture but I haven't figure out how to alter photos yet and I have it coded by clients too.
My system? Why yes I will share it with you:-)
Pink is personal
Orange is court
Green is home visits
Blue is meetings
Yellow is my second job

I have an alien nation setting up camp on my nose and being the goofball that I am I had The Man take a picture of it and I sent it to BunnyButt. You need friends that you can do that to and she is looking forward to performing a minor operation on Saturday when I see her to celebrate Oatmeally's birthday.

This no job thing is getting on The Man's nerves so I have been praying very hard that he finds something soonest. Lately I swear I have been hearing "Around the corner". So me being me I feel that this could mean one of three things:
1. I am experiencing positive symptoms of schizophrenia
2. G-d is telling me chill out and just trust Him
3. The Man is getting a job at Dairy Dan's

I think that is it for today my loves:-)

By the way: CONGRATULATIONS TO MS. MINDLESS!!! She got married last Saturday and I can't wait to see the wedding pictures:-)


ms. mindless said...

hey there! thanks for the wedding love!!!! you need to come back. we miss you!!!!!!

KLC said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! I wear a women's 6-7 depending on the shoe. Most often I wear a 6.5.

Isn't it funny, I hated the curlers too and would beg my mom not to make me curl my hair! Now I love them!