Sunday, November 08, 2009


I last posted in July?!?! Really?

Hmm that is just sad very very sad but life has been crazy and not in the good way.

My mom is really struggling with her health and now it looks like she is moving in with us early next year. She has to have a shunt put in to help her not retain so much fluid (she has liver problems and her stomach is always extended which makes it hard for her to move about) and one of the side effects of this procedure is heightened confusion so The Man and I discussed it and she is moving in. We have a three bedroom house and she will have the bedroom next to the bathroom and we are going to finish the basement to increase our living space.

The Man had a CAD test which followed an interview so we are hopeful. The job is only a contract position but it will put a bit more experience on his resume and we keep hearing that the economy is picking up so lets keep our fingers crossed:-)

We have been married two years and Lord it has been quite the adventure. I would not change a minute of it though because the challenges are making us and our relationship stronger. Well that is what I am telling myself at least:-)

Hey another blogger friend got married! Check out:
She was another beautiful bride.

How do you do those link things where you can just click on the text and it magically takes you where you need to go?

I promise to try to be a better blogger:-)


Ashley said...

Aww, thanks for saying that I'm a beautiful bride.

Magnolia said...

You should be able to add a link when you're writing the post. Highlight the copy that you want people to click on and then press the LINK button up top. Then it will tell you to add the web address you want the link to lead to.

Good luck with all of life's adventures!

Beth Dunn said...

I hope everything works out for your Mommie! Xoxo