Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My mommakins is back in her apartment! She left rehab today:-)
Tomorrow I have a staff meeting for my second job and then supervision. I love that I have to have supervision for a one shift a week job that the kids are usually asleep for anyway.

So I had a nasty court date yesterday. One of my cases involves a same sex couple whose first foster placement was a doozy. We knew the kids were pretty abused however the mother in effort to gain the sympathy of the court provided even more information regarding the abuse and her complete ignorance of what was going on with any of the three children. This same birth mother stalked the foster parents, followed them home, had mail sent to their home and showed up at their office to just name a few things that these foster parents have endured. Anyhoo the foster parents believe that we knew the extent of the abuse and we withheld information. We didn't know the details and we did share our thoughts that we just knew the bare surface of what the kids had gone through but no the foster parents blame us. Our relationship with these people are not good and everything we do is wrong and we are against them etc. They are now adopting two of the three children and they are against the other foster parent who is adopting the other child even though they didn't want the second child just the oldest and youngest. Our last court date we had a substitute referee (referees are attorneys and they are below Judges. They can't "order" like a judge they can "recommend") who stated on record that she felt that there is a conspiracy against these foster parents and the state is in on it and it even got worse as the hearing went on. Mind you this is all on record. Our agency filed an official compliant against this referee. This referee has a reputation of not really understanding the law and just being wiley niley on what she "recommends". So I was dreading this court date because the referee had "recommended" that I have the adoption completely finished by this court date which is completely impossible and you would think that a referee with over 20 years experience would know that but yep she did indeed "recommend" this nonsense. Moving on with my rambling, I get to court and the foster parents are already there and they say that we were moved to another court room. Odd. Anyway I find the other court room and it is the head referee's court room. Our case was moved to another docket until the regular referee returns. Ok I get that and then one of the attorneys sitting next to me asks if I know why we were moved and I shook my head. The attorney said that the substitute referee was terminated!! The attorney stated that the referee finally ticked off the wrong person. I asked for details and we were not the only agency that had complained about her. She was really a dangerous person to have on the stand because even though they only recommend the Judge that signs off on the recommendation which turns it into an order relies on the referee to not be a nut case!

See you all should become social workers! We lead exciting lives:-)

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