Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monthly Meeting

I had a staff meeting for my second job today. We had to introduce ourselves and share a challenging time with the newbies. I shared one funny challenging time and one serious challenging time. I shall share my funny one here:-)
The non-profit that I work for is housed in a huge old house that is very typical in this college town that shall be known as A2. Now in A2 we have an unusual mix of people. You have the well educated comfortable to some serious money people to the I want to save the world from the evil of capitalism one hairy armpit at a time people. I tend to work with the second group because I shall be known as someone who loves children more than I love making a decent wage:-) In case you are wondering yes I was the only one there tonight wearing make-up, earrings and carrying a purse that I can't smoke when I am done using it.

On to my story: I HATE basements with a fiery passion. I will turn on every light in the house when I have to go down to our basement and that drives The Man batty. In fact, the only request I have for the finished basement project we have going is that I want lots of lights down there. The shelter that I work with is a three story home not including the basement. Part of the assigned chore for the overnighters is doing the laundry. The shelter part of the house is on the top floor. The basement is THREE flights of steps and the laundry machines are in the VERY BACK WHERE THEY USED TO KEEP THE COAL. Yeah the house is that old. When I work I have EVERY light on in the house and yes I am aware that I am wasting energy however it is a well known fact that the boogey man does not like light! The chick that comes in on Saturday morning is quite the earth mother type and she will turn off all of the lights before coming upstairs and she will call out without even seeing me "Good Morning Duchess" because apparently I am the only one that is that much of a dork to waste that much energy because of a mythical creature who does exist! I shared this "challenging" time with my co-workers and the chick sitting next to me told that I don't have to worry about being scared because there are light orbs in our shelter and they will protect me. Another known fact apparently is that light orbs are usually friendly spirits who look after us.

How many of you would like to bet on the chance of me EVER working at the shelter overnight again?

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Anonymous said...

My light orb bets on NO!
K-Pooh and such