Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whooosh that was a week!

I had Monday off so technically this was a four day week however I feel like it was a ten day work week. Good Lord it was bad. I did kick some report booty however it just seemed like I was putting out fires every time I turned around! My nasty case is driving me batty. My director and his boss keep asking how it is going which just makes me feel like I am not doing anything but I don't think that is their intent. This family is just so awful that the entire agency just wants them to LEAVE!! So anyway I finally got the final draft of the home assessment completed and I turned it into my supervisor who is taking her sweet time to read it and sign off on it. LORD that is annoying. I was all excited that I didn't have court this week however my supervisor asked me to cover two hearings for her so now I have court on Monday and Tuesday. Lovely.

On the mom front I am now in charge of her wound care. Why yes it is as exciting as it sounds! I hate feet and I don't like to touch, see or smell them. My mom's wound? On her left foot. My life is somewhat poopey at times.

The Man and I joined our city's fitness center and my hope is that since we both joined he will be my inspiration to actually go and you know do fitness "stuff". The Man is shooting for three times a week. I am just excited because even if we only go once a week that is once more than we had been going:-)

The house is looking awful and I have no motivation to clean. Story of my life! I am excited that I got all new cleaning products this week. I like the Method brand from Tarjay and we got everything that they carry. It smells yummy and it doesn't cause my asthma to go all wonky. Maybe I will get a huge inspiration and actually clean sometime today.

Hugs my loves,

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