Friday, November 26, 2010

1st Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was my mom's favorite holiday. She enjoyed Easter until my Grandma was in the hospital for a couple of years before she died and Christmas was stressful but she really loved Thanksgiving.

Since the second Thanksgiving that The Man and I were dating we have gone to the Ohio Momma's for dinner and we would pick up the Mommakins on the way back at my Aunt's house. We would have snacks and maybe a piece of pie with my side of the family. On the way home mom and I would plot our shopping strategy and The Man would drive and shake his head while telling us we were crazy. We would drop her off at her apartment and I would remind her to set her alarm and not to take her water pill because we would be entirely too busy for her many pee breaks.

Well we went to the Ohio Momma's for dinner and it was lovely.
We went to my Aunt's house and I had two pieces of oddly spicy cheese.
Then we left.
No Rosie Posie in our backseat just the Loki Puppy.
I spent the entire car ride to the Pastel One's house crying.
This new tradition is so very wrong.

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Beth Dunn said...

Sorry you were sad!