Thursday, November 11, 2010

So apparently I have MUNGE!

Yes that is a medical condition. I believe that it covers everything from a papercut to your head falling off on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon. The Man has been sick since last week and whooo boy I done got sick on Sunday night. I went back to work today and I had NO LESS than half the floor tell me that I look horrible and please just go home for the love of the Balded Headed Baby Jesus! I went to lunch and I got back from lunch and then I threw up lunch. Yes it was lovely indeed.

Anyway I got dressed for work this morning in a lovely comfy outfit and I thought my shoe felt odd ( the left one for those of you that are curious) but I ignored it because: A. I was running late as usual and I needed to get gas this morning and B. I didn't feel like bending allllll the waaaaay dooowwwnnn ( no, I in no way resemble a giant however my head feels like my brain is a size 4x smooshed into a XS skull) to see what the heck was going on. Anyway I got to work and I was chatting with a co-worker about how bad I looked today (lovely folks that I work with, no really) and I checked out my odd left shoe and LO it was split. The sole was split!!!!! THE HORROR!

Yeah anyway when I left work early because I had thrown up my scrambled eggs and I was all hot and sweaty (why yes I did indeed have a fever) I stopped at a shoe store and bought some black shoes (actually I bought 4 pairs but who is counting?) (Actually The Man keeps count but really he is just silly for thinking that I only need one pair of black shoes) (A symptom of MUNGE is a love for ()).

So ummm yeah hmmm what is new with you?

Oh Funny Story

Scrapbook Girl is also my nail polish shopping buddy. Really you should go with us the next time we go shopping. We are like two well dressed crack heads pushing the other to take one more hit! Yeah I watch Intervention don't you? Seriously I can't shop with her when I am watching my budget (The Man thinks I should always watch a budget, I say HA! I really don't think it is just a coincidence that we entered a ression THE MONTH that I got married and he actually gave me a budget (or something like a budget I believe he said "I like living in a house so lets watch the shopping") and we started to get out of the recession once he found a job and I could shop on a small scale again!) Between the two of us we should be getting a mighty nice Christmas gift from OPIE (a dear friend actually called O.P.I OPIE.) and her sister Essie. Anyhoo I sent her a FB message telling her that a new winter line came out and she sent me a polite reply. WHAT???


So of course I called and said "BEEYATCH when I send you such important news you should reply " I am getting my shoes on, when will you be here?" Not something along the line of "Why yes that sounds delightful and it is a definite possibility" My world righted itself when she said she was doing job searching stuff so she was in a professional mode:-) Well alrighty then and yeah we still haven't gone shopping becaues of this MUNGE that I have however once I am MUNGE free we shall shop!

Oh happy story.

I put on one of my mommakins coats today and it still smelled like her:-)

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Anonymous said...

When you are munge free we will definitely hit the nail polish store. :)

Scrapbook Girl