Monday, October 04, 2010

3 Years of HAPPY!!

Our wedding anniversary is October 6 however we are celebrating on the 5th since The Man has choir practice on the 6th:-) My boy? He sings like an angel!

DAMN a lot has happened in 3 short years!

In 2007
--He was employed at Company A
--I was in a Masters program
--I was employed
--I had a momma

In 2008
--I was not employed
--I was dismissed from my Masters program (BEWARE OF C's!!!)
--I found a job rather quickly after being dismissed but I still thought it wasn't quick enough!

In 2009
--The Man was downsized from Company A in Feb
--We realize how blessed we are that I still have a job that provides health insurance
--We are never in danger of losing our house THANK GOD!
--He is able to take my mom to her various Dr appointments.
--He starts his new job at the end of November

In 2010
--I lost my momma

Yes it has been quite the roller coaster of emotions but I still thank God every night for him and his love. I feel like I can do anything as long as he is beside me!

Things I have learned since being married:
-- NEVER EVER throw out an electrical cord because as soon as you do The Man will need it!
--Patience is virtue and I don't have any but I am working on it!
--That magazine from 2000? Keep it! He may need an article from it some day
--Real Men do not get their hair cut at a salon. They go to Barber shops that close whenever the owner wants to go fishing.

I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us:-)

I love you HotPants German Lastname!!!!!!!!!!!!

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