Friday, October 14, 2011

The week of being sick and dodging serial killers

The Man was in Mexico from Monday to today. I decided to get sick Sunday and I wasn't able to go to work until Wednesday and that was only for a half day. On Tuesday I read an article on how serial killers picked their victims. One of the ways is that they learn the victims schedule and the example that they gave was when the lights in the house were turned off. This would signify when the victim was comfy cozy in their PJ's not realizing that a crazed killer was waiting for them to go to sleepy doodles.

So what do I do?

I turn every light on in the house and then I start to turn off random lights at different times throughout the night to confuse the crazed killer watching me!

HA! Take that crazy pants I am even CRAZIER (in a non-killing way cute way)than you and it would be easier for you to choose a different victim.

Laugh if you want to but I AM STILL ALIVE so it must have worked:-) Tired but alive!!


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Gwen said...

I got your comment about the packing tape on the EC planner tabs. I must know how you did it. Do you have a close up photo you could send me?