Friday, September 09, 2011


Allo Loves,

So this week has dragged on like it was never going to end. I had a ton to do for work and this grad school gig started off with a bazillion chapters to read:-(

I definitely have to get in the groove and get organized.

In other news:

I am so excited that it is finally cooler in Michigan. I love the fall season from the cooler temperatures to the darker makeup! I don't wear as much red lipstick in the spring or summer so I rock it during the fall and winter.

We are doing some fun projects around the house!

Can you believe that I still have Mommakin boxes to go through? I am thinking one lazy day I will drag The Man to the basement (sounds sinister no?) to keep me company while I go through them.

I need to find an easier way to get my pictures off my phone onto my computer so I can post pictures of my new planner. I have my real name on it and The Man has asked that I keep some part of my identity secret (much like the superhero that I am) so I will have to get creative to cover up my name.

I am getting my hairs colored next week and I am rather giddy about it!

I also ordered some nifty cards that have my name, cell number and email on them since we are doing group projects this semester and quite honestly I will feel sassy giving them out. Yeah I am a dork but I am dork with really cute cards so eh!

I am opened my pie hole during a meeting and somehow I ended up volunteering to put together the Adoption Orientation binder. I refer to it as my "pie hole" when it gets me in trouble otherwise it is known as my mouth or my yap, you know depending on my mood and such.

The Cousin is coming to town and I find myself humming "Santa Claus is coming to town" and substituting her name for Santa Claus. This may account to me getting strange looks at the office.

Off to finish my discussion paper although I really feel that I have moved on from the discussion of free education in Utah.


I think

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