Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A tough day

Part of my job involves going to court. Most of the times its not too bad I just have to give the court updates on the kids and how the parents are doing on their treatment plans. Some of my parents are doing well or at least doing something on their plans. Today I had a PC trial. This is when parents can lose all rights to their kids. This is the final step. The end. Kids are all gone now. You are not a parent anymore. Normally the parents get their heads out of their butts when they are told we have filed the papers with court requesting PC. The parents from today's case didn't even bother to show up for court. Their lawyers immediately asked if they had been served and a officer of the court personally served them at their home. They didn't show up. They have lost all legal rights to their children. I just can't get over the fact that they didn't show up. How can you not make going to court to fight for your children the first thing on your to-do list? The four boys have mountains of issues already from the neglect and sexual abuse but they still had a bond with their mother. Part of her treatment plan was that she had to move out of the house that she shared with the father of two of the boys because he was the one that physically abused two of the them. We told her that it was court ordered and that if she continued to stay at that house she would not get the boys back. She refused to move because she had paid for the furniture at the house and she wasn't going to leave it there for him to use with another woman. A stupid living room set was more important to her than her four sons.

Sometimes this job sucks. I have a friend who is dealing with fertility issues and another friend got a divorce because she couldn't have children. Some of my parents have over 11 kids and they have all been in foster care. Where is the logic in that??

This was a tough day and The Man had to go to Chicago today.

Why didn't I become a plumber?

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Anonymous said...

Do you ever want to just strangle the living daylights out of those people!?!?! you have strength my friend. Lots of strength...