Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Weekend

This weekend was really nice.
On Friday Oatmeally and I had a "Bestest Friend" night. I had gotten my hair cut and my eyebrows mowed earlier so when we met up at Matt's house we were ready for fun. we had dinner and then we went shopping. Did you know she shares my weird passion for office supplies? Yep she has more purple pens than a normal person could ever use in one lifetime. I like to think that her obsession is somewhat my doing:)

On Saturday The Man and I had to work the craft show at our Church which I don't want to talk about;-D Then we got the mommakins ready and drove like hell to the reception . We had fun and Smart Girl was there and she looked adorable in the coat that we got her for her birthday. She brought her parents so I got to see the cousin and her husband who I love because he loves bookstores as much as I do.

Sunday I thought I was Martha and I planted 30 tulips at The Man's house and by all that is good and holy I better get one damn flower next Spring!!

I have court three times this week. Wish me luck

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curious servant said...

I stumbled across your blog and read all of the posts that aren't archived.

A coupe of thoughts: Good choice on the computer. I love mine. Much fewer problems. I joke with a friend who recently made the switch that Apple is a cult, but that he'll have to prove himself before he gets the white robe.

I am amazed at how callous some people are. how they could not love their children more. We have worked so hard to get our kids, and even though it is sometimes very difficult (we have a child seeing a district attorney mandated psychologist) I can't imagine not fighting for them in every circumstance. hang in there. I am glad to see someone with your faith fighting to protect children.

I just wanted to leave a note before I moved on saying thanks for the interesting read.