Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I went to Ohio and all I got was a lousy..........

Broken ankle.
Yep you read that right. Actually that sounds worse than what I hope it is. One of The Man's friends got the great idea to walk to IHOP for breakfast. No biggie its like a half mile away if that so we all head out and halfway down their block I fall. I stepped on a rock and it rolled and I fell. ASS in the air on my hands and knees. I looked up and The Man was standing there with a concerned look on his incredibly adorable face with his hands reaching for me. I got up quickly and just as quickly realized that my ankle did not enjoy the trip. The Man and I walked back to the house and got his car. He was wonderful. Now I don't know these people too well and I don't like to cry in front of people in the first place so I was trying to keep it together. So I decided the mature thing to do was to squeeze The Mans hand very hard and not let it go even when I saw his eyes get all watery from the pain of my nails digging into his hand. We drove home shortly after returning to the friends home.
On Monday we went to Urgent Care and the doctor was nice and said that its probably a sprain but to be sure she ordered X-Rays.
Whoop There It Was
A small piece of bone was not where it should be.
Now I am waiting for my doctor to call me with a referral to a bone doctor and hopefully this mess will be fixed shortly.

So whats new with you guys?

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Anonymous said...

I let you go to Ohio for ONE weekend and look what happens!!!