Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day

Alrighty then.
Christmas Day was good. The Man and I woke up late and we opened presents and yelled at the dog and just had a good morning. Then we went to Ohio and spent the day with his parents. I got a Vera Bradley purse that I had wanted for the longest time. She also got me the cell phone holder and did I mention that I love it? My cousin also got me a Vera Bradley purse in the Hope Toile pattern and a change purse/ID holder thingee which is going to be my Spring/Summer purse. I made The Man go to Plymouth with me on Saturday and we found a shop that carries Vera Bradley and I got another coin purse/id holder in another pattern which is also cute.

I may be dragging Scrapbook Girl and my MIL with me to Sommerset/Summerset/Oh my G-d will they realize we can't afford anything and kick us out mall since they have an entire Vera Bradley store and an AVEDA store and a bunch of other stores that I want to check out.

On Wednesday we spent the day taking my mom to various doctor appointments and today we have done nothing!!. YAY!!!!


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