Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fun wedding memory

Did I ever tell you that I thought I would NEVER get married? Nope not being dramatic I honestly in my heart of hearts thought that I would never get married EVER. I watched my posse getting married and I was so happy for them. I cried at every wedding and being honest 90% of the tears were happy tears but 10% were sad "this will never be me" tears. So yeah when I was blessed with The Man I thought that I had gotten the biggest miracle that the Good Lord was capable of (you know totally disregarding the whole making the world in 7 days, parting random bodies of water, making a virgin pregnant, burning foliage, etc). I threw myself into the whole wedding planning circus and I never looked back. In my head I knew being married meant that I would be a wife, hopefully a momma at some point, my name would change, a covenant would be set in stone, in short my life would be completely different on 10-7-07. It never occurred to me that I would never live with my mom again. It had always been my mom and me since my parents got divorced when I was 6. Living with mom was all that I knew. Oatmeally was with me the day before the wedding. Mommakins, Oatmeally and I ran errands (got our nails done, checked into the hotel, etc) all day before the rehearsal dinner. We had stopped by the apartment before the rehearsal to grab the last bits of wedding day stuff and it hit me. That was the last time that I was leaving the apartment as somebody that lived there and that I would never live with mom again. I lost it and my mom just hugged me and I told me that I would always have a place to live with her and I was going on a grand adventure with the man that I loved and she would always be with me. A true "AWWWW" moment. On days that I miss my mom so badly that it's a physical pain I think back on that day and I smile.

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